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REMOTEC ZTS 500 Z-Wave Plus Thermostat

REMOTEC ZTS 500 Z-Wave Plus Thermostat

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Quick Overview

Upgrade your old analogue or digital display thermostat for central gas heating system to a programmable Z-WaveTM electronic thermostat controller and start saving heating cost while keeping your home comfort in winter. A straightforward, blue backlit display and easy-to-use screen keep operation and programming simple. And this display is easy to read, even in dimly lit rooms and hallways. 

An Easy Way to Save Energy and Money

Save up to 30% on annual heating and cooling costs with programmed as directed (savings may depend on geographic region and energy usage).

Convenient, Intelligent Features and Broad Compatibility

This thermostat delivers permanent day and time settings that are even maintained during power outages, and it offers the option to control / check your room temperature by the smart phone or PC while you are at office, home anywhere or around the world which can go through the Z-Wave Gateway control.

For added convenience, the thermostat unit can be run using battery power or using power from your heating/cooling system, giving you the option of permanently eliminating battery changes.

This thermostat is compatible with a broad range of 24-volt heating and cooling systems, including both single-stage (cooling) and single and two-stage heating systems (non-heat pump), single-stage heat pumps, and heating-only or cooling-only systems. Uses standard thermostat connections:



To check compatibility with your heater or HVAC system please see what terminals are in use at your current heater or HVAC systems.



Cool changeover (heat pump)


Heat changeover (heat pump)


2nd Stage heater


1st Stage heater






24Vac Power for Cooling


24Vac Power for Heating


24Vac Common



 Please note:

  • This device is not compatible with electric baseboard heat (120 to 240 volts).  It is not compatible with some of multifunction 2-wires Japanese brands heaters and HVAC systems

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